If you want to export to Japan legally, we can be the importing agent for your Japanese customers.

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Support for cosmetics exporting to Japan

We serve you as your import agent of cosmetic products into Japan.

In Japan, the importation of cosmetic items for sales purposes is subject to approvals to be granted based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

To obtain those approvals requires fulfilment of various conditions such as the employment of resident administrator(who is registered pharmacist etc.), securing properties such as manufacturing site and storage facility, and having the systems of quality control including quality assurance and safety management.
The useable ingredients, the manufacturing method as well as the factory structure and equipment, and the advertisement of products are also strictly restricted.

Distributing or transferring or selling cosmetics/toiletries products (*1)that were brought into Japan without going through necessary procedures(*2) is violation of the law.

Regardless of whether they are free samples or gifts to be distributed in an event.
Regardless of quantity .

Including those brought in by an individual as a hand-carried luggage, or imported in a parcel or by mail or courier services.

Also, descriptions to be indicated on packages or products such as efficacy are strictly regulated. Further, shipments of such cosmetics must be managed, including recording and indication in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.

We, Evelead Co, Ltd. obtains the license to manufacture and the permit for production & sales pursuant to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan.

If your customers wish to import your products to Japan, we can import the products on their behalf using our rich experiences and re liability.

  • Make-up sets such as mascara, lip stick, and eye shadow foundation
  • Basic skin-care products including the beauty wash, milky lotion, cream, and serum
  • Body-care products such as body soap including usual soap
  • Hair-care products such as shampoo and conditioner
  • Nail articles such as manicure, gel nail, and nail oil
  • Other cosmetic products such as perfume, aromatic oil, bath agent (bath salt)

We can also produce the quality labels in Japanese language, which are required to be pasted on the products pursuant to the related laws and regulations of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

If you wish to have your products exported to Japan,,, If you wish to do the business transaction safely and for a long time,,, trust us to do the job.

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